Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Wollman Park Partners (WPP) is a coalition of New Yorkers representing decades of experience across multiple sectors, including sports and entertainment, finance, health and wellness, diversity equity inclusion (DEI), real estate, culinary, non-profit, youth and community development, and sustainability. With this expertise, and a deep passion for New York City, WPP is excited to offer an energized, year-round experience of Wollman Rink to both New Yorkers and visitors, with an emphasis on creating a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive space that promotes equitable economic recovery in our City.

WPP consists of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, the Related Companies and Equinox, in close partnership with Great Performances + Melba’s Restaurant, YMCA, Ice Hockey in Harlem, Figure Skating in Harlem, The Boys’ Club of New York and Green City Force.

Official community partners include Great Performances + Melba’s Restaurant, YMCA, Ice Hockey in Harlem, Figure Skating in Harlem, The Boys’ Club of New York and Green City Force. We are in contact with other organizations who are also interested in impactful collaboration.

The WPP proposal is built on several pillars:

  • Reinvesting in the community and City – WPP is not seeking or accepting any of the profit from operating Wollman Rink. Any net proceeds generated during the concession term will be reinvested in the facility, community partners, and the City.
  • Creating a space for all New Yorkers – Not only will Wollman Rink reflect the cultural vibrance and diversity of New York, the space will also provide equitable opportunities to visit and enjoy the space. WPP will work with our community partners to:
    1. Introduce skating to a more diverse audience, particularly children and families from underserved and marginalized communities.
    2. Offer a platform for our members to enjoy and experience an iconic institution that they might not have been able to otherwise.
    3. Expand and grow our community-oriented programming that brings together neighborhoods, families, children, school children.
    4. Create fundraising opportunities that allow us to continue to expand our mission.
  • Revitalizing with best-in-class sustainable practices – WPP’s capital investment will include improvements to the necessary equipment and systems (refrigeration, kitchen, ice maintenance, etc.). WPP LLC also envisions upgrades to seating, circulation, entry/exit and landscaping, focused on sustainability and ease of upkeep.

WPP is committed to making Wollman an inclusive and accessible space year round and will proactively and consistently partner with community organizations to achieve this goal.

Through these partnerships, WPP plans on hosting a range of events and programming, including public sessions, youth programming with our community partners, cultural events and celebrations, and more. More details will be shared soon.

A core component of WPP’s vision for Wollman Rink is to promote economic opportunity. This includes working with our Food & Beverage and community partners to provide jobs, contracts, and internships to diverse individuals and businesses in New York. This includes a commitment of 50 percent MWBE participation for our Food & Beverage sourcing.

Yes, our plan would enable the rink to open for November 14, 2021.

If you are interested in opportunities at Wollman Rink, please click here to join our talent network by providing us with your contact information and resume.