Wollman Park Partners (WPP) is a coalition of New Yorkers representing decades of experience across multiple sectors; including sports and entertainment; finance; health and wellness; diversity, equity, and inclusion; real estate; culinary; non-profit; youth development and sustainability. With this expertise, and a deep passion for New York City, WPP proposes to offer an energized, year-round experience of Wollman Rink NYC to both New Yorkers and visitors alike, with an emphasis on creating a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive space that promotes equitable economic opportunity and recovery in our City.

Additionally, WPP’s proposal for Wollman is designed to serve the community first – all net proceeds from the project will be invested in the Rink, community partners, and the City.

WPP’s competitive bid to run Wollman Rink was selected by the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation. The official concession designation was finalized, after a public review process, for a five-year term.